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The Meole Brace Open 2012

Callum Wraight Wins Meole Open.

After being runner-up in 2009 and a losing semi-finalist in 2011, local bowler Callum Wraight from Castlefields, finally won the Meole Open and picked up The Doug Marrs Trophy and the prize money of £1100, he also will take part in The Champion of Champions at the Waterloo in Blackpool at the end of the season. In the final he beat Chris Brown of Lower Hopton 21-14. Martin Lloyd of Chester Road lost in the semi-final to Chris Brown 21-13, Callum beat Paul Stetton in the other semi 21-9.

Callum Wraight with the Doug Marrs Trophy 2012

Callum, Referee John Coxill and Chris Brown before the final.

Callum Wraight (Castlefields)

Chris Brown (Lower Hopton) Runner-up

Martin Lloyd (Chester Road)  Semi-finalist

Paul Stretton  (Belvedere Park) Semi-finalist


Final Day Line-up

   Player.  Team.
 1  Ian Booth  Lower Hopton
 2  Gavin Dunkley  Moseley CC
 3  Barry Evans  Vale
 4  Mark Ferris  Middleport Park
 5  Chris Brown  Lower Hopton
 6  Alan France  Middleport Park
 7  John Dewey  Belvedere Park
 8  Mark Denman  Boldmere St. Michels
 9  Mark Fielding  Kings Heath Park
 10  Russell Pegram  Newport
 11  Keith Wall  Castlefields
 12  Andy Moss  Chester Road
 13  Marti Lloyd  Chester Road
 14  Terry Glover  L.C.C.
 15  Mike Riley  Bailey Hill
 16  Mark Burdett  Coundon
 17  Peter Grimston  Sir John Bayley
 18  Callum Wraight  Castlefields
 19  Kerry Morris  Birches Head Hotel
 20  Barrie Thomas  Wem USC
 21  Gary Neal  Ford
 22  Jack Dyson  Huddersfield
 23  Dave Edwards  The George
 24  Richard Galby  Swad Caths
 25  Paul Stetton  Belvedere Park
 26  Alan Bailey  Congleton Park
 27  Dave King  St. Georges
 28  Mark Melvin  Middleport Park
 29  Peter Griffith  Ford
 30  Steven Morrey  Queens Park
 31  Brian Shore  Sir John Bayley
 32  Dean Ferris  Congleton Railway

Dates for 2012

32nd "Coors Meole Brace Open" 2012.

Qualifying dates:- Sat. 17th March Sun. 19th March

Sat.24th March Sun. 25th March

Finals :- Sun. 1st. April

"The Doug Marrs Shield"

Doug Marrs

Past Winners

 Year  Winner  Runner-up
 1981  A.Williams--St.Georges  R.Jones--Meole Brace
 1982  A.E.Jones--Meole Brace  D.Rawlins--Coventry
 1983  G.Swift--Biddulph Liberals  R.Price--Birches Head
 1984  D.Butler--Eturia Park  R.Mathews--Burton
 1985  B.Duncan--Preston  M.Walker--Stoke
 1986  M.Blizard--Meole Brace  L.Higginbottom--Leigh
 1987  M.Jones--Telford  M.Robinson--Yorkshire
 1988  K.Walton--Meole Brace  N.Burrows--Derby
 1989  S.Ellis--Kirkham  D.Burdett--Coventry
 1990  J.Bancroft--Hyde  T.King--Hyde
 1991  R.Hitchen--Halifax  J.Hodson --Tarlton
 1992  A.J.Rowe--Meole Brace  G.Cookson--Winsford
 1993  J.Fullerton--Merseyside  A.Purcell--Chester Road
 1994  C.MacDonald--Macclesfield  S.Jones--Woodfield
 1995  P.Strutt--Star Inn  C.MacDonald--Macclesfield
 1996  W.Phillips--Hanwood  G.Dulson--Wem U.S.C.
 1997  S.Frith--Weaverham  C.Ward--Vic.Park Staffs.
 1998  G.Cookson--Winsford  K.Pessell--St.Georges
 1999  J.Muff--Holmes Chaple  C.Barker--Chadsmore
 2000  N.Burrows--Stockport  A. Hughes--Gresford
 2001  G.Cookson--Winsford  R.Hitchen-- Halifax
 2002  G.Wilson--Oldham  C.Beaman--Battlefield
 2003  P.Bound--Ford  R.Hitchen--Halifax
 2004  P.Charesworth--Congleton  S.Freer--Greyhound
 2005  P.Williams--Castlefields  D.Barwise--Walton Park
 2006  G.Wilson--Lower Hopton  G.Morton--New Inn
 2007  A.Moss--Chester Road   P.Asson--Drakes Drum
 2008  A.Aldridge--Woodfield  T.Cutting--Copswood
 2009  A.Aldridge--Nordley  C.Wraight--Castlefields
 2010  M.Gilmore--West Kirby Vics  K.Perks--Battlefield
 2011  S Curbishley--Cunliffe  K.Nicholas--Gresford
 2012  C. Wraight--Castlefields  C. Brown-- Lower Hopton

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