Meole Brace Bowling Club

Amicitia per ludum--Friendship Through Sport

Meole Brace Open 2018

The Doug Marrs Shield

Meole Brace Open 2018 - Sunday 18th March - UPDATE

Morning ,unfortunately we're going to have to postpone the Meole

 Open qualifiers for today due to the weather. Can you let anyone

 you know who is playing know for us. Thanks. We're looking at

 rearranging for Good Friday (30th March).

Qalifiers for Finals Day Sunday 1st April  Sunday 2018

1   Jamie Bramley          Stockport

2   Glynn Storer              Windmill


3   Mark Taylor             Castlefields

4   Graig Gant               Huddersfield

5   Andy Hughes           Cunliffe

6    Greg Smith             West Brom

7    Tom Palmer            Kings Heath

8    Graeme Wilson        Lower Hopton

9    Callum Wraight       Castlefields

10    Kevin Shaw            West Houghton

11   Keith Hatzer           Halifax

12   Andy Thornton       Barrow

13   Rob Fuller              Bylet

14   Mike Dulson           Wem

15   John Bailey            Llanwrst

16   Danny Barwise       Tixall

17   James Martin         Huddersfield

18   Ryan Walters         Wirral

19   Glyn Herbert         Castlefields

20   Adam Jackson       Congleton

21   Sam Millward         Newport

22   Ashley Wellings      Hanwood

23   Arron Tapper         M & B Cheslyn Hay

24   Carl Fielding          Greville

25   Leighton Roberts    Ifton

26   Kevin Handley        Windmill

27   Len Lewis              Burway

28   Mike Beer              Castlefields

29   James Seville         Moseley CC

30   Jack Whitehead      Moor Lane

31   Gareth Coates        Halifax

32   Darren Penderleith  Grenville