Meole Brace Bowling Club

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"Coors" Meole Brace Open 2016

The Doug Marrs Trophy

The winner of the 2016 'Coors' Meole Brace Open - Matt Gillies

Matt Gillies Winner of Coors Meole Open holding the Doug Marrs Trophy.

In the semi final he beat Darren Plenerleigh 21-10 and in the final he beat Michael McDonnell 21-16.The other semi finalist was Shropshire and Castlefields bowler Mike Beer who lost 21-19 to Michael McDonnell. By winning this competition Matt has qualified for the "Champion of Champions" to be held later this year at the Waterloo Blackpool.

Ade Jennings‎ to Meole Brace Bowling Club

So, once again we come to the end of a Meole Brace Open. Personally I'd like to thank all the bowlers that enter the competition as they make it the success that it is, This year we had a number of players that have entered for the first time and qualified for finals day. One of them actually managed to win it which is a huge achievement seeing as he'd never laid eyes on Meole before last week. As a club we should be proud of what we achieve each year and I'd like to thank all the members who come down to help during the competition. Lynne Jennings and Liz Jones do a wonderful job keeping everyone fed and watered, the two referees are on the green come rain or shine and the markers are invaluable (one marker who was there every day doesn't even play bowls but does his bit for the club, thank you Colin).

2016 Qualifiers
  Paul Kissock
  Kiah Roberts
  James Saville
  Moseley CC
  Kevin Shaw
  Reform Club
  David O'Brian
  Castle Privot
  Wayne Phillips
  Greg Fordham
  Matt Gillies
  Paul Bailey
  Mearsbrook Park
  Rich Lawson
  Andy Hodgson
  Callum Wraight
 Greg Smith
  West Brom
 Tommy Johnson
 Bill Kinchin
  Moseley CC
  Darren Pendlerleigh
  Chris Mordue
  Garth Gwilliam
  Aston CC
  Keven Farr
  Old Shrewsbury BC
  Scott Simpson
  Willenhall Nordley
  Simon Brown
  Simon Trentham
  Ward End Cons
  Steve Pratt
  Bedworth BC
  Michael McDonnell
  Barry Booth
  Birches Head
  Jamie Bramley
  Sale Excelsier
  Dave McDermott
  Kirk Stevens
  Moor Lane
  Steven lewis
  Moor Lane
 Mike Beer
 Jack Dyson
  Josh Mordue