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Meole Brace Bowling Club

Amicitia per ludum--Friendship Through Sport

Mike Riley All England Winner 2011

Newspaper cuttings courtecy of the "Shropshire Star "and "Shrewsbury Chronicle"

British Crown Green Bowling


Senior Individual Merit 2011

sponsored by Padders feelgoodfeeet

To be held at

Meole Brace Bowling Club

Meole Rise, Upper Road, Shrewsbury SY3 9JF

on Saturday 30th July 2011

commencing at 10.00am

Please Note the Following

1} No spectator parking at club please go to Meole Brace School Science College – SY3 9DW

2} No seats are to be taken onto the premises on the day.

3} Only alcoholic drinks bought at the club will be allowed

2011 Senior Individual Merit Draw

1.Jason Groom (Staffordshire) v 2.Matt Gilmore (Cheshire)

3.Daniel Sillitoe (South Yorkshire) v 4.Matthew Roberts (Merseyside)

5.Richie Goddard (Shropshire) v 6.Colin Weaver (Warwick & Worcs)

7.*Chris Goodhand (Lancashire) v 8.*James Hanson (Yorkshire)

9.Paul Lamb (North Midlands) v 10.Darren Edmondson (N Lancs & Fylde)

11.*Nicky Jones (Wales) v 12.Andy Duckett (Shropshire)

13.Dave Allsop (Derbyshire) v 14.Steve Barrs (Warwick & Worcs)

15.Peter Hulse Jnr (Potteries & District) v 16.James Wilcox (Yorkshire)

17.Neil Withers (Isle of Man) v 18.Robert Winnington (Cheshire)

19.Dave McDermott (Merseyside) v 20.James Seville (Warwick & Worcs)

21.Olly Walters (Derbyshire) v 22.Gary Wike (Yorkshire)

23.*Martin Gilpin (Cumbria) v 24.Nick Newey (Staffordshire)

25.Wayne Ditchfield (N Lancs & Fylde) v 26*Gareth Gwilliam (Greater Manchester)

27.*Callum Wraight (Shropshire) v 28.Matt Fellows (Potteries & District)

29.Craig Richardson (Wales) v 30.Darren Day (North Midlands)

31.Mick Armitage (Yorkshire) v 32.Tim Barnett (Derbyshire)

33.Tony Rhodes (Shropshire) v 34.Andrew Nuttall (Warwick & Worcs)

35.Richard Briddon (Derbyshire) v 36.Peter Clark (Yorkshire)

37.*Craig Barker (Staffordshire) v 38.*Paul Brett (N Lancs & Fylde)

39.Gerwyn Davies (Wales) v 40.John McDonnell (Cheshire)

41.Mike Riley (Wales) v 42.Gordon Flower (Yorkshire)

43.*Kevin Boon (Potteries & District) v 44.Craig Wood (North Midlands)

45.*Richard Jackson (South Yorkshire) v 46.Gary Neale (Shropshire)

47.*Nick Jellyman (Derbyshire) v 48.Steve Darling (Warwick & Worcs)

49.*John Hignett Jnr (Merseyside) v 50.John Reilly (Cumbria)

51.John Senior (Yorkshire) v 52.*Glynn Cookson (Cheshire)

53.Jason Galvin (Warwick & Worcs) v 54.Mick Ledwidge (Staffordshire)

55.Martin Lloyd (Shropshire) v 56.Barry Simm (Lancashire)

57.*Steve Pratt (North Midlands) v 58.*Colin Kelly (Isle of Man)

59.Neil Worthington (Derbyshire) v 60.Paul Jacques (Yorkshire)

61.Trevor Heath (Wales) v 62.Mark Kay (South Yorkshire)

63.Mark Ferris (Potteries & District) v 64.Simon Clinton (Warwick & Worcs)

* Denotes County Merit Winner